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"Aw, poor widdle Wolvie."

"I’m gonna stab you."

"Sounds like you’re feeling better already!"

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its derek hale wtf | bleep0bleep | Mature | 11/15 (23k)

Stiles doesn’t buy the whole magical, transcendent soulmate reveal story, snickers at all those movies where the couple touches each others marks for the first time, eyes glimmering over in emotion when they feel the bond surge through their bodies (who comes up with this stuff?), shakes his head at all those dreamy-eyed people willing to shell out money to track down their other half.

Stiles is just really ambivalent about the whole thing. He meets his other half in his lifetime? Cool. If not? It’s just fine; he’s happy where he is.

At least that’s what he keeps telling himself.

And now I can drive.

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GIFfy Hollow Vol 2


Previously on GIFfy Hollow


Teen wolf AU: The Flash (2/2)

At nine years old, Stiles sees his mother get murdered in front of him by a bolt of lighting. Not exactly a bolt of lighting but a man inside it. Nobody believes Stiles, especially when the police connects the murder to one of their own, Deputy Chief Derek Hale. Stiles doesn’t believe Derek responsible for what happened for a second, but there is simply nothing he can do.

Fourteen years later, Stiles is a forensic analyst for the NYPD. He’s leading a normal life (aside from secretly searching for his mother’s true killer) until…he gets hit by lightning. And then he realizes he can do something. He can do more than something because Stiles? He’s suddenly the fastest man alive.

His new found powers give him a new perspective of the world, renewed bravery, that’s what he likes to call it.

So he does what he should have done a long time ago. He visits the penitentiary where Derek is being held and proposes him an escape. He’ll help Derek clear his name in exchange for Derek’s help bringing down his mother’s killer.

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"Didn’t mean to interrupt…"

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